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Registration Process

Click on the button below and pay the £2.00 charge.
Contact us, using the online form below.
A short questionaire will be emailed to you, asking for further details.
Complete the questionaire and return to us.
Some of your details will be uploaded to the 'Hive Space' section.
Wait for a suitable match. (alternatively, see the Find-A-Beekeeper section below)

What is the registration fee for ?

All funds raised will be used to cover the costs involved in running this site. Any profit will hopefully be used to help the honey bee population, by letting us set up a brand new urban hive.

Finding a match

If you see a match, please get in touch. We shall initially act as an intermediary between the beekeeper looking for space, with the landowner with space. Later and only if both parties agree, the two email addresses will be passed on. It will then be up to both parties to come to an arrangement how to proceed

Suggested 'payment' for the landowner

As the beekeepers will usually be providing the bees as well as the hive, we suggest a 'token payment' of one jar of honey per hive per year to the landowner, although this could be negotiated as required.


If an organisation or individual, with space for a hive wants to get their bee project up and running in the shortest possible time, they may not want to wait for a suitable match just to 'come along.' Similarly, if somebody would like to buy a hive and needs a beekeeper to manage it, 'UrbanHives' will actively look for a beekeeper on your behalf.

Our Find-A-Beekeeper option costs £5.00
Using our contacts with local bee clubs and organistions, we will try and find a suitably qualified beekeeper willing to assist. Sometimes the new hive owner may also want learn a bit about beekeeping. If we can arrange this too, we will do.

Usually, for a managed hive, a monthly charge would need to be agreed, by the beekeeper and the hive owner, to cover the beekeepers time. This will normally be in addition to a percentage of the honey produced.


Most responsible beekeepers are members of The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) either directly or through their local beekeeping association. Included in this membership is '3rd party insurance' covering them against their bees stinging somebody or stinging an animal.

We would strongly advise any landowner looking to have a hive on their property, to make sure the beekeeper is a member of BBKA and is insured, for the proposed new hive.

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